Updated List of Sponsors

Since the last update, 75 more generous people have joined the list of sponsors supporting our National Awards! Thank you everyone!

It’s not too late. You can still sponsor awards and be included on the screen and on a card placed with the award. This is a great way to congratulate your friends on their hard work and at the same time help CFA fund our awards.

This year, we have more HHP winners, we are providing a trophy for the Agility cats, and again presenting very nice custom designed trophies for the breed awards and national winners. These awards are a costly part of the annual, and your support offsets the cost allowing CFA to fund other endeavors, like the show sponsorship fund.

So take a few minutes to peruse the list of national award cats and sponsor someone, then hug your cat for Hug Your Cat Day, and finish the night off with some cheese to celebrate National Cheese Day. Wow, two excellent holidays on the same day!

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