Tomorrow is Dinosaur Day

When I get home from work tomorrow, after feeding my little army of pro-compies, I am watching one of my all time favorites, Jurassic Park, in honor of Dinosaur Day. I can do this because I have already met my photo deadlines!!!

Tomorrow, May 15, is the deadline for getting your National Winner photos to Shelly for the banquet! Checkout our photo submission page for instructions, and then checkout the list of received photos to make sure Shelly has yours. Even if you didn’t get an NW, checkout the list so you can nag your friends to get their photos in.

And then Friday, May 17th, is the deadline for ordering duplicates of your National trophies. Agility people, please be aware that you are getting a small trophy this year in addition to your rosette, so if you want a duplicate you need to order by Friday.

Other deadlines looming – May 22nd is the deadline for Breed and Agility award photos. May 30th is the deadline for Delegate Book ads. And June 1st is the deadline for voting in the DAL race.

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