On The Road Again!

One of the most anticipated parts of the annual banquet is the On The Road Again photo show that Cheryl Coleman creates for us. Please see the OTRA page for information on how to get your candid photos to Cheryl.

Latest Schedule

Check out the just-updated schedule of events with a new meeting this year at 2pm on Saturday –

How to Have a More Profitable Show for Your Club presented by the Marketing Committee including Mike Altschul.

Learn how to more effectively reach brand new people that would love to come to your show and – maybe – start showing their own cat! Learn how to maximize show profits thru some of the simple tools that are now available.

Updated Schedule

The Schedule of Events now includes the Exotic Breed Council meeting at noon.

More info about hotel

The Turningstone has 3 buildings of rooms – the Lodge, the Tower and the Hotel. The meetings will be in the Tower. Smoking rooms are located in the Hotel and on certain floors. Check with the Turningstone if you want a smoking room.

Updated Information

Check out the new schedule of events!

It’s time to make your hotel reservation with the updated info on the hotel page!


Hi Everyone – I will be updating the information on the 2019 annual within the next few days. Stay tuned!

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