Updated List of Sponsors

Since the last update, 75 more generous people have joined the list of sponsors supporting our National Awards! Thank you everyone!

It’s not too late. You can still sponsor awards and be included on the screen and on a card placed with the award. This is a great way to congratulate your friends on their hard work and at the same time help CFA fund our awards.

This year, we have more HHP winners, we are providing a trophy for the Agility cats, and again presenting very nice custom designed trophies for the breed awards and national winners. These awards are a costly part of the annual, and your support offsets the cost allowing CFA to fund other endeavors, like the show sponsorship fund.

So take a few minutes to peruse the list of national award cats and sponsor someone, then hug your cat for Hug Your Cat Day, and finish the night off with some cheese to celebrate National Cheese Day. Wow, two excellent holidays on the same day!

Sponsor Deadline Extended!

Donations received by June 3rd at midnight eastern time will be printed in the booklet, on the slideshow, and with a sponsor card in the award. Donations received between June 4th and June 20th will be acknowledged on the slideshow and card.  

All 2018-19 CFA National awards are now posted and available for sponsorship on our website. We are looking for interested individuals, clubs, breed councils, businesses, and more to pledge sponsorship of these awards. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged via a card in with the award itself, as well as in the awards booklet if sponsored by June 3rd. Breed Award Rosettes are available at $50 per breed/division. National Award (including HHP and Agility) Rosettes are sold in batches of five for $100. National Breed Award Trophies are available for $75 each. Agility award trophies are available for $50 each. National award trophies are available for $150 for best cat, and $75 for 2-25th places.

Please visit http://catalog.cfa.org/rosette-sponsorship.php or http://catalog.cfa.org/trophy-sponsorship.php to sponsor your friends, fellow exhibitors and co-breeders awards and let them know you’re proud of their achievements.

Friday Night Hospitality

Go to your attic and get out those bell bottom pants and platform shoes for the Studio 54 themed Friday Night Hospitality Event!

Deadline Reminder

Today is National Coq Au Vin day, otherwise known as National Rooster with Wine Day. Let’s celebrate by noting some deadlines.

May 30 (tomorrow) – last day for Delegate Booklet Ads

May 31 (Friday) – last day to make reservations at the Turning Stone at our rate.

June 1 (Saturday) – DAL ballots must be received in CO by this date. Faxed or emailed forms must be received by 11:59 PM EDT. June 1 –

June 1 (Saturday) – Last day to sponsor awards and be included in the booklet. Sponsors still accepted through June 20th.

Your Name Here!

Check out who is sponsoring awards. You can add your name to the list, check out the page on sponsoring an award. Donations received by June 1st will be printed in the booklet, on the slideshow, and with a sponsor card in the award. Donations received between June 2nd and June 20th will be acknowledged on the slideshow and card.

Trophy and Rosette Sponsorships

In addition to sponsoring rosettes, you can now sponsor trophies! Clubs, breed councils, regions, individuals or catteries can sponsor trophies for the National Winners, Breed awards and Agility awards. Check the page on sponsorships and sponsor your friends’ awards today.

Tomorrow is Dinosaur Day

When I get home from work tomorrow, after feeding my little army of pro-compies, I am watching one of my all time favorites, Jurassic Park, in honor of Dinosaur Day. I can do this because I have already met my photo deadlines!!!

Tomorrow, May 15, is the deadline for getting your National Winner photos to Shelly for the banquet! Checkout our photo submission page for instructions, and then checkout the list of received photos to make sure Shelly has yours. Even if you didn’t get an NW, checkout the list so you can nag your friends to get their photos in.

And then Friday, May 17th, is the deadline for ordering duplicates of your National trophies. Agility people, please be aware that you are getting a small trophy this year in addition to your rosette, so if you want a duplicate you need to order by Friday.

Other deadlines looming – May 22nd is the deadline for Breed and Agility award photos. May 30th is the deadline for Delegate Book ads. And June 1st is the deadline for voting in the DAL race.

Yearbooks – Special Pricing for Annual Meeting Attendees

Save the cost of shipping on a CFA Yearbook(s) and take advantage of a limited time reduction in prices for past Yearbooks. If you are attending the Annual Meeting in Verona NY, you can prepay for a Yearbook and pick it up at the Annual. 2019 & 2018 Yearbooks are $45, 2017 is $35, 2016 and prior are $10 (there are some older volumes which are no longer available). Contact Shelly Borawski, sborawski@cfa.org, if you are interested in pre-purchasing a Yearbook for pick up at the Annual. 

Sturdi Products Vendor

SuzieKat (Sturdi Products) will be at the CFA Annual, located in the main meeting room. If you need anything in Sturdi Products, please let Sue Robbins know by June 6, either SuzieKat Sturdi Products on Facebook or email Suziewrite@aol.com.

Turning Stone Reservations

We are all very busy celebrating World Cocktail Week, which falls perfectly right after the last epoints, but take a few minutes to make sure you have a reservation at the Turning Stone. The deadline is May 31st. Check out the other deadlines so that you don’t miss anything!

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