Delegate Bag Swag

We want your swag in our delegate bag!

It’s one of attendees’ favorite things at the CFA Annual Meeting  – the delegate bag and all the fun stuff inside it!

Be A Peach and contribute!

Here is your chance to send in “cool stuff” and promote your cattery, your club, or your cat’s special win this season. Items are placed in the delegate bag given to each CFA delegate at the meeting.

Want to contribute?

1. Please contact by June 1
Charlene Munro ( or Elaine Fry ( or 256-683-9339) with the following information:
• Club or individual’s name
• Item Description
• Contact email
• Contact phone
This lets them know what to expect, when it will arrive, and help coordinate contributions.

2. Please ship items to:
Maxie Price Chevrolet
attn: Lisa Highlan
3600 Hwy 78 Loganville, GA 30052  USA
Phone: 678-859-8509

Items should arrive by June 15 so begin planning now. 

Complete information for download is available here  and it contains some suggestions for items for inclusion.