Hey Peeps – 11 days to register a delegate for your club!

Delegate registration ends on May 1! There are lots of amendments and resolutions this year, some of them quite radical. You don’t want to miss voting on these.

You can register online at the link above, or mailed delegate forms MUST be postmarked no later than Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Faxed delegate […]

Go Crackers!

Today is National Animal Crackers Day! Yep, it’s a thing! Like we ever really need an excuse to eat animal crackers. But did you know animal crackers originated in the UK as animal shaped cookies? In 1871, the Stauffer Biscuit Company began making them in the US. It wasn’t until 1902 that the National […]

National Chocolate Mousse Day! And updates.

As you are winding down from National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and preparing for one of the most under-rated holidays ever, National Chocolate Mousse Day (yes, those are for real), check out a few updates. We have an updated schedule of events that includes the Tonkinese and American Shorthair breed council meetings. The […]


Why is this kitty all bundled up looking at the calendar? He’s counting down! 24 days. Just 24 days until …. yes, the premier of the final season of Game of Thrones, and he is trying on his premier party costume. And then just one day after that is the deadline for Amendments and […]

Photo Submissions

All National Winners (including Agility and HHPs) and Breed Winners will be featured in the slide show during the banquet. National Winners will be featured in the booklet and Yearbook. Check out the directions for submitting photos. The deadline for National Winner photos is May 15 and for Breed Winners is May 22.


Delegate Book Advertising

This is the purrfect opportunity for you to have your cats, cattery, friends, and clubs in the pages of our booklet with your own special message. Check out our Delegate Book Advertising info!

Correction: On the Duplicate Awards info, HHP awards will be Best through 25th.


Duplicate Award Info

It is never to early to order your banquet tiara, I mean duplicate awards. Check out the information on duplicates here. The deadline for duplicate orders is May 17, 2019. You can order online here.

Those receiving NW trophies, please remember that these trophies are crystal, large and heavy. If you are flying, […]

Deadlines and BOLO!

Just added a Deadline page with the Be On the Lookout Flyer of important dates for CFA clubs and club mailings. Watch for reminders over the coming weeks!

On The Road Again!

One of the most anticipated parts of the annual banquet is the On The Road Again photo show that Cheryl Coleman creates for us. Please see the OTRA page for information on how to get your candid photos to Cheryl.


Latest Schedule

Check out the just-updated schedule of events with a new meeting this year at 2pm on Saturday –

How to Have a More Profitable Show for Your Club presented by the Marketing Committee including Mike Altschul.

Learn how to more effectively reach brand new people that would love to come to your show and […]

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